• Regarding the significance of multilingualism in Luxemburg:



  • You will find the “Common European Framework of Reference for Languages” here:



At SpeakUp, we principally agree with what the framework states. We have, however, introduced two sub-levels, A 2.1 / 2.2 and B 2.1 / 2.2 respectively, since otherwise we deem the transitions to be too abrupt. Experience tells that learners require 60 contact hours before they can actually move on to the next level.


For beginners and learners with basic English (Level A) we recommend the following:

  • General English / Grammar:


English for everyone, Level 1
Penguin, ISBN: 978-1465447623

Norman Coe et al: Oxford Practice Grammar
OUP, ISBN: 978-0194310239

  • Business English:

David Cotton: Market Leader – Elementary
Pearson, ISBN: 978-1292134758

In case you are an independent learner (Level B) already, you might benefit from:

  • General English / Grammar:

David Cotton: Market Leader – Elementary
Pearson, ISBN: 978-1292134758

English for everyone, Level 3
Penguin, ISBN: 978-1465449412

Raymond Murphy: English Grammar in Use
with answers and ebook
CUP, ISBN: 978-1107539334

  • Business English:

David Cotton et al: Market Leader – Upper Intermediate
Pearson, ISBN: 978-1405881395

If you are competent in the target language (Level C), we suggest:

  • General English:
  • Business English:

OUP, ISBN: 978-0194566124

David Cotton et al: Market Leader – Advanced
Pearson, ISBN: 978-1408219560