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Your time is precious, so we will come to meet you, either in person or via SKYPE© and WhatsApp©!

All of our courses revolve around the “Ideas, Connections, Extensions” (I-C-E) approach. We are convinced that there is always some, albeit limited, comprehension of the target language that we can build on, combine with new aspects and use as a starting point for establishing new input.

The courses are held by staff who have been trained in this pedagogy. However, they are also experienced and flexible enough to incorporate other methodologies into the courses.

As an institution of further education accredited by the Luxemburgish Ministry of the Economy, SpeakUp offers you

additional +s …

… before the course starts:

There is an assessment audit of all the participants to help set up homogeneous learning groups.

… once the course has started:

We do not want to school you but respect your individual needs and expectations.

You work together with approachable, experienced and well-prepared specialists.

Look forward to language training based on both the Common European Reference Frame for Languages and our internal curriculum.

All the materials form part of a larger pedagogical whole.
We pride ourselves in developing them ever further on the basis of the feedback we receive.

… once the course is finished:

There is no standardised test but a specific mode of assessment in line with the content that was covered.

We discuss results with you and give you an individual outline of how to proceed.

After successful participation we issue a recognised certificate.

1 up with SpeakUp!

Future modules build upon one another.

In case you are satisfied with what we did and would like to continue in your efforts, you will benefit from a discount.

The product you buy is thus attractive both in the short and the long term. This remains particularly true, since you can claim back a good deal of your investment from the Luxemburgish government.

Are you interested?

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